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*For Faculty and Instructor Use Only

You may use the web form below to request library owned titles to be placed on Course Reserves for 2-hour or 1-day loan periods. The form may also be used to reactivate Course Reserves material from a previous quarter. Syllabi and reading lists are not accepted in lieu of the Course Reserves List when requesting material.

Course Reserves Lists are due one month prior to the beginning of the academic quarter. While every effort is made to process requests as quickly as possible, we are extremely busy during the few weeks leading up to and after the beginning of each academic quarter. Material requested or submitted during this time may not be available during the first few weeks of the quarter.

Please request or submit no more than 30 items to be made available on Course Reserves. This includes course readers, library owned titles, department and faculty owned titles, as well as documents to be posted on Electronic Reserves. If you need to submit more than 30 items for your course, please contact Course Reserves.

The Davidson Library will not purchase textbooks. You may submit department or faculty owned copies of textbooks to place on Course Reserves.

To post documents on Electronic Reserves, see Electronic Reserves - FAQ.

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